Our Location: Learning Spanish in an Argentina Historic landmark

Tuesday January 05, 2016

In the neighbourhood Monserrat, on Avenida de Mayo, lays a national historic building. The building is called Palacio Barolo and AMAUTA-Elebaires is proud to be able to call it their home. Our Spanish school is located on the 3th floor, office 10.

Designed by the Italian architect, Mario Palanti, commissioned by Italian magnate Luis Barolo, it was built as a tribute to Dante’s Divine Comedy, as both Palanti and Barolo were big fans of Dante.

A lot of elements from the book are designed to come back in the building. (more…)

Volunteer with homeless children in Argentina

Tuesday May 13, 2014

Last year Marielle Wils, a young Dutch woman of 27 years old, decided to go to Argentina to learn Spanish and do volunteer work in Buenos Aires. Marielle is interested in the living situations of homeless children in Argentina and was happy to be placed at a shelter for young children until the age of 12.

But, as she said: “I really needed a few days to get usedto the place, it was not what I expected at all. The home was actually a bit dirty and very small for the amount of children living there. But of course, all of that is part of the experience, I know that now”.