Four of the Best Restaurants in Buenos Aires

Four of the Best Restaurants in Buenos Aires

Monday November 14, 2016

Four of the Best Restaurants in Buenos Aires

Buenos Aires is a big city with a huge number of restaurants, a true paradise to food lovers. Here you can find restaurants of all choice, budgets and different cuisines.

All professionally run, with budget prices compared to what you would pay in most of the Western world for the same quality of dining out.

Most restaurants are packed most of the days, among others, because porteños (as local people in Argentina are called), like to have their breakfast, lunch or dinner in a restaurant.

Not every student learning Spanish in Argentina can afford to go out daily. And if you are living with a Argentina host family as part of your Spanish immersion program in Buenos Aires, of course, there is no need to. The AMAUTA guest must serve nice food – remember dinner time is late in Buenos Aires, around But there is always a group of students that like to go out for dinner. In Buenos Aires we have a lot of choice: do yo prefer Japanese, Thai, Vietnamese, Turkish, Greek, Mexican, Peruvian, Chinese? Or a typical Argentine ‘asado’, very popular by the local people?


3 Perfect Lunch Places Close to the School in Buenos Aires

Tuesday May 31, 2016

If you are taking Spanish classes at AMAUTA-Elebaires in Argentina, you will study in the beautiful, architectural building “Palacio Barolo”, which is situated on Avenida de Mayo, a very large and busy street with many shops, cafes and restaurants. Learning Spanish can be very intensive and at the end of the Spanish class you will probably feel hungry too because it will already be 1 p.m. What better to do than head to a nice place for lunch, to fill your little tummy? Below you will find the 3 best lunch places to go in the city center of Buenos Aires, all close to our Spanish School.

Our Location: Learning Spanish in an Argentina Historic landmark

Tuesday January 05, 2016

In the neighbourhood Monserrat, on Avenida de Mayo, lays a national historic building. The building is called Palacio Barolo and AMAUTA-Elebaires is proud to be able to call it their home. Our Spanish school is located on the 3th floor, office 10.

Designed by the Italian architect, Mario Palanti, commissioned by Italian magnate Luis Barolo, it was built as a tribute to Dante’s Divine Comedy, as both Palanti and Barolo were big fans of Dante.

A lot of elements from the book are designed to come back in the building. (more…)


Christmas feeling in Buenos Aires

Monday December 15, 2014

December is, of course, the month full of celebrations, food and families & friends coming together in warm houses, while it’s cold and probably snowing outside.

It’s all different here in Buenos Aires and for our Spanish students learning Spanish in Argentina for Christmas it will be a whole new experience.
First of all it’s summer in Buenos Aires and it’s nice and warm. It is around 30 degrees C and people are walking in shorts and we’re enjoying the swimming pool at the AMAUTA school residence after Spanish classes.