Four of the Best Restaurants in Buenos Aires

Four of the Best Restaurants in Buenos Aires
Monday November 14, 2016

Four of the Best Restaurants in Buenos Aires

Buenos Aires is a big city with a huge number of restaurants, a true paradise to food lovers. Here you can find restaurants of all choice, budgets and different cuisines.

All professionally run, with budget prices compared to what you would pay in most of the Western world for the same quality of dining out.

Most restaurants are packed most of the days, among others, because porteños (as local people in Argentina are called), like to have their breakfast, lunch or dinner in a restaurant.

Not every student learning Spanish in Argentina can afford to go out daily. And if you are living with a Argentina host family as part of your Spanish immersion program in Buenos Aires, of course, there is no need to. The AMAUTA guest must serve nice food – remember dinner time is late in Buenos Aires, around But there is always a group of students that like to go out for dinner. In Buenos Aires we have a lot of choice: do yo prefer Japanese, Thai, Vietnamese, Turkish, Greek, Mexican, Peruvian, Chinese? Or a typical Argentine ‘asado’, very popular by the local people?

Please find below a small selection, call it the Top 4 Favorite Restaurant of AMAUTA Buenos Aires students!

Las Cabras


Four of the Best Restaurants in Buenos Aires: Las Cabras


This restaurant is my absolute number one: Las Cabras. In Argentina a good steak cannot be missed because this is the specialty of the country and las Cabras is a great and popular option. At any day of the week, Las Cabras has a minimum queue of 50 minutes. It is a cozy restaurant with an open kitchen, so you can see how your food is prepared. In addition to the good atmosphere, the food here is really good. All dishes include Ceaser Salad. My favorite dish here is “Beef de Lomo” which costs only 80$ (approx.USD $ 8 at the time of writing). One tip: arrive early. If you get there before 20:30, you might be lucky enough to NOT see the queue yet.



Four of the Best Restaurants in Buenos Aires


Lupita is a Mexican restaurant. The nice thing about this restaurant is the atmosphere: many colors, lights, candles, nicely decorated. On the background you hear lounge music and the restaurant has a huge selection of cocktails, which makes you feel like you are in a bar. My favorite cocktail is the capariña Maracuya (passion fruit) very nice. The menu is full of typical Mexican food like burritos, enchiladas, nachos and taco´s. A highly recommended dish in the restaurant is a salad; it is a large bowl and really tasty.



Four of the Best Restaurants in Buenos Aires: Sarkis


Sarkisis a Turkish / Armenian restaurant which is highly recommended on the internet. Both Lonely Planet and Trip advisor state this restaurant is really good. Personally I do not really like eating Turkish food. Still, I decided to go, just to just find out what’s so special about this restaurant. Luckily, we were on time, because this restaurant is really popular. Due to the bright light it doesn’t look very cozy. We ordered a bottle of red wine the typical Argentine, and my opinion the best wine “Malbec”.

We were warned in advance that the dishes are very big so you better share a plate. We were with a group of six people so we ordered three dishes. After a short wait the food was served. We got our three large plates and definitely it was enough! What everyone is saying about the restaurant they are right it is very tasty, it’s served very fast and when we got the Bill it turned out to be also very cheap.

La Cocina de Michele


Four of the Best Restaurants in Buenos Aires: La Cocina de Michele


Every now and then you have those days that you are really craving a good pasta. Because Buenos Aires is known for his Italian influence for sure you will find a lot of pasta restaurants, but after two months I can definitely say that this one is the best!

When we enter the restaurant we were warmly welcomed by the staff who are really look like Italians. We got a round table next to the open kitchen. The food was made live in front of us and after they served our plates on of the waiters come up with a big pepper mill to make the food even more taste full. Another great thing about this restaurant is that it is located close to Las Cañitas, which is a very nice neighborhood full of bars. So after the delicious food you can go to one of the bars in las Cañitas to drink some good cocktails!

Thanks for Joyce Kouwenhoven

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