Christmas feeling in Buenos Aires

Monday December 15, 2014

December is, of course, the month full of celebrations, food and families & friends coming together in warm houses, while it’s cold and probably snowing outside.

It’s all different here in Buenos Aires and for our Spanish students learning Spanish in Argentina for Christmas it will be a whole new experience.
First of all it’s summer in Buenos Aires and it’s nice and warm. It is around 30 degrees C and people are walking in shorts and we’re enjoying the swimming pool at the AMAUTA school residence after Spanish classes.

In the first week of December, when in other countries people start doing Christmas shopping, here in Buenos Aires you won’t find anything related to Christmas. In Buenos Aires the Christmas preparation starts only in the second week of December.

Christmas feeling in Buenos Aires

On December 8, the first stores will sell Christmas threes, the public places will have some Christmas decorations
In Recoleta – one of the nice neighborhoods of Buenos Aires – you can find a special Christmas Theme Park. It is a park where children can play and papa Noel (Santa Claus), with short trousers and a summer look, plays with the kids.

In Europe and America all houses it’s dark the days before Christmas but here in Buenos Aires it starts getting dark at 21:00pm and then it still 20 degrees. So there is no need to be “warmed up by Christmas lights”.
Also, there is a big Jewish population in Buenos Aires that does not celebrate Christmas. Definitely, walking the streets of Buenos Aires on a December evening you won’t feel much of the Christmas vibe.

However, on Dec 25 , the Argentine people do celebrate Christmas. The whole family comes together for lunch with a big impressive “asado”, the typical Argentine barbeque. The asado will go with other ‘summer dishes’, like fresh fruit, Russian salad, stuffed tomatoes and of course a lof of ice cream.
Happy Christmas!

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