How to Celebrate Christmas in Buenos Aires

How to Celebrate Christmas in Buenos Aires
Wednesday December 07, 2016

How to Celebrate Christmas in Buenos Aires

Flickering lights in the darkness, a Christmas tree, cozy blankets and a fireplace… not particularly the first things you think about when you are study Spanish in about Buenos Aires in December. And remember.. . no white Christmas in the Southern Hemisphere…. Thus, as in other Latin American countries, the porteños of Buenos Aires celebrate Christmas during the summer…a hot summer! Find out all the details about How to Celebrate a Christmas in Buenos Aires here!

An Empty City

In December, temperatures raise to the extremes. Many “porteños” leave (or flee) the city of Buenos Aires for the countryside or cooler places. Many offices are empty as well, since employees can easily take days off with the excuse that nothing gets done during this time anyway. Congress however, uses this peaceful time to pass controversial laws.


How to Celebrate Christmas in Buenos Aires



Although the suicide rate goes up this month, people still celebrate this holiday with flair. Argentines are keen on using fireworks (which sometimes results in accidents), hosting festivities on the streets, singing songs and having neighbourhood parties. Since it is so hot in Buenos Aires, Christmas is often celebrated at the houses of friends or family who have pools.

How to celebrate Christmas in Buenos Aires

Argentina is a Catholic country, a tradition inherited by the European colonizers. Therefore, many Christian traditions are still honored during Christmas, such as celebrating the birth of Jesus and observing mass. Misa de Gallo (the mass) has received significant recognition throughout the last decade. It is celebrated right after dinner on Christmas Eve and can last for hours, until the baby Jesus is put in the nativity scene.


What to do In Buenos Aires: go to the cinema!


Typical Argentine Christmas Food

During Christmas, the typical dishes include a lot of meat, such as pork and lamb. Argentines love their sweets as well! They eat pan dulce, which is vanilla bread with nuts, almonds, raisins, chocolate chips, and dried fruits, yum!


Typical Argentine Christmas Food


Spanish Christmas expressions to Remember:

  • (Feliz) Navidad = Christmas
  • Papá Noël = Santa Claus
  • Noche Buena = Christmas Eve
  • Misa de Gallo = the Mass
  • Villancicos = typical Christmas songs
  • Pavo = turkey


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