How can I improve my Spanish by myself?

Tuesday April 01, 2014

Learning Spanish during your courses in Buenos Aires is already intense and a lot of fun, but it is also important to repeat the theory and put it into practice outside of classes. To help you a little bit, we made a list with tips to improve your Spanish skills even faster!

  1. Buy a book
  2. By purchasing a simple Spanish book, such as one for children, you may see words you learned in class and easily remember them when reading the story. You will also easily learn new words because of context. In general, reading is fun and relaxing, and in the meantime you can improve your Spanish. The Little Prince (El Principito) is a book that has been published in many different languages, so you might know it already. This is an advantage to you as you will understand it better by knowing the story. Buenos Aires has many bookstores on Avenida Corrientes, but if you visit the Fería de San Telmo (San Telmo market) on a Sunday, you will be able to find your book for a much better price. Another nice place to buy a book is El Ateneo, an amazing bookstore based inside of an old theatre. If you prefer to increase your Argentine vocabulary then you should buy Che Boludo. It is a little book full of typical Argentine collocations, signs, and slang words used in Buenos Aires. This is especially useful when you stay in Argentina for a while. If your Spanish is already on an advanced level you could buy a book of the famous Argentinian writer: Isabel Allende.

    Improve your spanish in Argentina

  3. Duolingo !
  4. Duolingo is an application that you can download on your phone or tablet for free. It is a fun way to practice your Spanish knowledge and expand it. Not only does it teach grammar, but it also helps your speaking and listening skills.

  5. Watch a movie in Spanish or go to the theatre in Buenos Aires
  6. Since it is not always sunny in Buenos Aires, we think watching a Spanish movie is a great way to spend the day inside. In most movie theatres the movies are in English with Spanish subtitles. However, in a movie theater like Gaumont , just 2 blocks from AMAUTA Elebaires and really cheap, the movies are usually older and spoken in Spanish. If you are a beginner, I recommend you to go to a children’s movie. They are easier to understand as you may already know the story and it becomes more clear by the facial expressions and body language. If you are more interested in theater you could enjoy a musical or play. Avenida Corrientes is known for its many theaters, so there are plenty of options. It is important to hear the pronunciation of Argentinians so you can understand them better in real life and also apply their accent to your own spoken Spanish.

    You must practice conversing a lot to be able to speak Spanish fluently.

  7. Start a conversation
  8. Talk, talk, talk! Whether you are in a bar, subte (subway ), or restaurant , start a conversation. Argentinians love to talk and are often very open. Also, they like to teach their “Porteño” words, their typical style of Spanish in that area. Even if you do not know all the words and your phrases are not perfect, people will generally understand you. You must practice conversing a lot to be able to speak Spanish fluently. When you are not sure about the meaning of some words on the menu, the mozo (waiter) would be happy to explain it to you. Go out and have a chat with an Argentinian, they are often very interested in foreigners so you have nothing to fear. A good place to start is to apply your basic knowledge by talking about your background, education, or work. Just go for it!

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  1. Thank you! I really can use those tips!


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