What to do In Buenos Aires: go to the cinema!

Friday September 23, 2016
What to do In Buenos Aires: go to the cinema!

You have been attending Spanish classes in Buenos Aires from Monday to Friday and have participated in different activities with study mates at school during the week. But now it’s weekend!

What isn´t cozier than spending a night out in one of the city’s typical movie theatres while snacking on a big bowl of popcorn or ”pochoclo’, and sipping coca cola or “gaseosa”?! One of Buenos Aires’ main strengths is its big film scene for both alternative and Hollywood movies. Throughout Buenos Aires you will find loads of cinemas that offer you a wide variety of national and international movies. This is a very enjoyable way to learn Spanish in Argentina too! Many cinemas offer you movies in English with Spanish subtitles, whereas others provide you with movies that are completely in Spanish without any subtitles. Depending on your level of Spanish (or your desire for a challenge), you can choose the one that fits you best. So if you are in need of something different to do at night, check out this list of the most famous and fun cinemas in Buenos Aires.

Cine Gaumont


What to do In Buenos Aires: go to the cinema!


This cinema was founded in 1912 and was moved to a new location in 1946, where it stands today. It is located very close to the famous Congreso. This cinema boasts an Art-Nouveau style and is without a doubt one of the original sites that displayed great films in Buenos Aires!
Located on: Plaza del Congreso, Av. Rivadavia 1635

Cine Lorca


What to do In Buenos Aires: go to the cinema!


This very special cinema is located in the heart of the micro centro, downtown Buenos Aires, on Avenida Corrientes. This cinema makes you feel like you are having a night out on 5th avenue of New York. Throughout the night, all the lights, advertisements and people make this street and, therefore, the cinema, a spectacular experience. The cinema is special because it´s set up is not the typical square shape, but is instead a very long room in which you have to lean back in your seat to see the movie.
Located on: Av Corrientes 1428

Cine York


What to do In Buenos Aires: go to the cinema!


You will encounter a very romantic set up at this pink cinema. It is a little further away from the centre of Buenos Aires, but is absolutely worth it. It is used for various occasions such as dances, theatre and commercial and independent movies.
Located on: Juan Bautista Alberdi 895, Olivos

El Ateneo


What to do In Buenos Aires: go to the cinema!


The original name of this theatre was Teatro Gran Splendid and was opened in 1919! Nowadays it is no longer used for theatrical purposes, but it functions as a bookstore. Yes, that’s right, this beautiful architectural building is filled with books and is definitely worth the visit!
Located on: Avenida Santa Fe 1860, Recoleta.

Cine 25 de Mayo


What to do In Buenos Aires: go to the cinema!


This cinema opened its doors in the year 1927, which you can see when you look at the old architecture of the building. It was one of the most well-known cinemas throughout the 20th century. It is currently used for various activities such as Milonga (a type of dance) performances, tango, concerts, films and theatre.
Located on: Avenida Triunvirato 4440, Villa Urquiza.


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