How to Celebrate Christmas in Buenos Aires

How to Celebrate Christmas in Buenos Aires
Wednesday December 07, 2016

How to Celebrate Christmas in Buenos Aires

Flickering lights in the darkness, a Christmas tree, cozy blankets and a fireplace… not particularly the first things you think about when you are study Spanish in about Buenos Aires in December. And remember.. . no white Christmas in the Southern Hemisphere…. Thus, as in other Latin American countries, the porteños of Buenos Aires celebrate Christmas during the summer…a hot summer! Find out all the details about How to Celebrate a Christmas in Buenos Aires here!

An Empty City

In December, temperatures raise to the extremes. Many “porteños” leave (or flee) the city of Buenos Aires for the countryside or cooler places. Many offices are empty as well, since employees can easily take days off with the excuse that nothing gets done during this time anyway. Congress however, uses this peaceful time to pass controversial laws. (more…)

Four of the Best Restaurants in Buenos Aires

Four of the Best Restaurants in Buenos Aires

Monday November 14, 2016

Four of the Best Restaurants in Buenos Aires

Buenos Aires is a big city with a huge number of restaurants, a true paradise to food lovers. Here you can find restaurants of all choice, budgets and different cuisines.

All professionally run, with budget prices compared to what you would pay in most of the Western world for the same quality of dining out.

Most restaurants are packed most of the days, among others, because porteños (as local people in Argentina are called), like to have their breakfast, lunch or dinner in a restaurant.

Not every student learning Spanish in Argentina can afford to go out daily. And if you are living with a Argentina host family as part of your Spanish immersion program in Buenos Aires, of course, there is no need to. The AMAUTA guest must serve nice food – remember dinner time is late in Buenos Aires, around But there is always a group of students that like to go out for dinner. In Buenos Aires we have a lot of choice: do yo prefer Japanese, Thai, Vietnamese, Turkish, Greek, Mexican, Peruvian, Chinese? Or a typical Argentine ‘asado’, very popular by the local people?


What to do In Buenos Aires: go to the cinema!

Friday September 23, 2016
What to do In Buenos Aires: go to the cinema!

You have been attending Spanish classes in Buenos Aires from Monday to Friday and have participated in different activities with study mates at school during the week. But now it’s weekend!

What isn´t cozier than spending a night out in one of the city’s typical movie theatres while snacking on a big bowl of popcorn or ”pochoclo’, and sipping coca cola or “gaseosa”?! One of Buenos Aires’ main strengths is its big film scene for both alternative and Hollywood movies. Throughout Buenos Aires you will find loads of cinemas that offer you a wide variety of national and international movies. This is a very enjoyable way to learn Spanish in Argentina too! Many cinemas offer you movies in English with Spanish subtitles, whereas others provide you with movies that are completely in Spanish without any subtitles. (more…)

My Internship at AMAUTA-Elebaires

Friday June 17, 2016

After 5 months it is time for me to say goodbye to AMAUTA-Elebaires. I came to Buenos Aires in February and I have worked here at the Spanish School until July. During my internship, I have done many communication and marketing tasks and in case you are wondering what my week looked like, then keep reading.

Every week I wrote one blog about a personal experience I had in Buenos Aires. For example about the 3 best lunch places close to the school or the top 10 best bars in Buenos Aires. Furthermore, each week I wrote a news item about recent news and happenings in the city. Every day I updated the social media; I posted tweets on Twitter and photos on Instagram. Moreover, every Monday and Wednesday, I organized activities for the Spanish students here. We have organized many different activities; from visiting the football stadium in La Boca to riding bikes in the city. It was fun to organize and while participating in the activity we took photos of the students.

A Jewel of a Town; Tigre

Thursday June 02, 2016

If you are looking for some rest outside of the busy capital Buenos Aires with millions of people, then Tigre is the perfect place to go! This wonderful little town is situated just outside of Buenos Aires, approximately 40 minutes by train. Last weekend the students of AMAUTA Elebaires Spanish School Buenos Aires decided to go and explore Tigre, to discover the relaxing atmosphere outside of Buenos Aires. Tigre offers a lot of nice restaurants, bars and cafes if you are looking for a good meal or a refreshing drink. We went to a restaurant with a terrace and ordered some good red wine and had “asado´s”. Definitely an Argentinean choice to have red wine and asado; the students are quick learners.


3 Perfect Lunch Places Close to the School in Buenos Aires

Tuesday May 31, 2016

If you are taking Spanish classes at AMAUTA-Elebaires in Argentina, you will study in the beautiful, architectural building “Palacio Barolo”, which is situated on Avenida de Mayo, a very large and busy street with many shops, cafes and restaurants. Learning Spanish can be very intensive and at the end of the Spanish class you will probably feel hungry too because it will already be 1 p.m. What better to do than head to a nice place for lunch, to fill your little tummy? Below you will find the 3 best lunch places to go in the city center of Buenos Aires, all close to our Spanish School.

A perfect Sunday in San Telmo!

Thursday April 21, 2016

What to do in Buenos Aires on a Sunday? My recommendation is, to go to San Telmo! San Telmo is the oldest neighborhoods of Buenos Aires.

The main highlights of the neighborhood are the small, cobblestone streets and, among others, the beautiful colonial buildings, the market and the Plaza Dorrego. Here you can find many nice restaurants, bars and (backpackers) hostels.

There are many things to do during the day and in the evening. During the day, there is a nice souvenir fair at Plaza Dorrego that continues on into the nearby blocks.

A different Saturday: visiting the cute little Colonia in Uruguay

A different Saturday: visiting the cute little Colonia in Uruguay

Monday April 18, 2016

Last weekend we went to Colonia del Sacramento in Uruguay with a group of students from our Spanish School AMAUTA Elebaires. We took the boat at 08.00, very early, because check in was at 06.30! We arrived in Colonia around 09.30 after a very bumpy boat ride.

We wanted to go to a restaurant near the beach, and we found a very cute place to hunker down for lunch. Unfortunately the lunch didn´t start until 12.00, so we decided to wait in the lounge outside the restaurant with some coffee and tea.

At 12.00 we finally got to order our lunch. I took a while, but it was definitely worth the wait because it was absolutely delicious! In total we spent 3 hours in the restaurant, quite a long time haha! (more…)

Why Wineries in Mendoza are well worth a visit

Wednesday April 06, 2016

Together with a group of fellow students in Buenos Aires, we decided to go and explore Mendoza. I am so glad we did, we had a great time in Mendoza! Of course we couldn’t miss the wineries! We were with a group of 12 and, since we were the last to be picked up, we went straight to the first winery called Bodega Domiciano. They explained how the wine was made and let us try different grapes. They also showed us the wooden tubs with wine and where the bottles were kept. And last but not least, we got to try different wines, which was really nice at 10.30 in the morning.

How to Travel by Subte in Buenos Aires

Wednesday March 30, 2016

Busses can be very complicated in Buenos Aires but there is another option: the subte, as the underground or metro is called in Buenos Aires. To help you and our Spanish students in Buenos Aires successfully take the subway, I have made the following list with tips.

  1. Step one: Plan your route

On the internet and on the application ´´Cómo Llego´´ you can check which subway you need to take. You can also buy a map with all the metro lines on it.

At the entrance of the subway station you will often find a simple map of the lines, which are not that clear. For a more extended map of all the lines and all the stops, you should go into the station to find them. (more…)